Teleworking Monitoring

The efficiency of teleworking in your company depends directly on your technological infrastructure.

Improve the efficiency of your teleworkers with Muutech's solutions

Maximize the performance of your equipment thanks to the monitoring of the equipment that allows teleworking

Monitoring of teleworking infrastructure

  • User PC performance
  • Quality of the user’s internet connection
  • Quality of the connection of our office Data Center or where we have the servers and resources: this includes bandwidth and connection (ADSL, fiber, etc.) as well as VPN connection performance.
  • Server performance and applications used by employees: ERP, CRM, etc, whether on our servers or in the cloud.
  • If you use software in the cloud, SaaS the performance of the connection with these, depending on where they are hosted (private cloud or provider cloud)
  • User Experience Monitoring

    Monitoring of user PCs:
  • Connection hours
  • Internet Availability
  • Connection origin
  • Consumed bandwidth
  • Consumption peaks
  • Bandwidth saturation / Internet response from PC
  • Access and security monitoring

  • Bandwidth
  • Firewalls (alers, VPN status, connections, intrusions, virus, etc.) from Fortinet, WatchGuard, F5 Networks, BlueCoat, OpenVPN, Sonicwall, etc.
  • Routers
  • Domain controllers
  • Backups
  • Antivirus status
  • Failed Logins
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    Maximize the performance of your equipment by monitoring the equipment needed for teleworking

    We provide you with all the monitoring mentioned above:

  • Monitoring of user PCs
  • Access: bandwidth, firewalls, VPN, etc.
  • On-premise resources: servers applications, ERP, Intranet, routers, etc.
  • Monitoring of new cloud resources (Web hosting, SaaS applications, AWS, Azure, etc.)
  • And if you don't have the infrastructure, we'll set up it for you!

  • Install a firewall to protect your connections
  • Set-up of a VPNs hub to create secure connections to your corporate network
  • Help you prepare the computers to allow remote connection
  • Choose the pack that best suits your needs

    Pack Cybersecurity

    From € 249 / month
    • In case you do not have the necessary infrastructure
    • Pack Monitoring
    • Hardware - Fortinet 30E *
    • Firewall implementation
    • Installation and Set-up
    • Cybersecurity monitoring
    • * Firewall Fortinet 30E - From 995€

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