About us


About us

Muutech is a team of engineers from Vigo and Pontevedra area, coming from the industrial and telecommunications sectors who, after more than 10 years of experience in various companies, have decided to bring solutions and tools of IT companies to the processes of the industries.

Our expertise is to provide fully innovative monitoring solutions.

The idea arises from the need we see in our current companies about the lack of control over the resources, production processes and systems, and the costs that this entails. We firmly believe in the value that we bring to the companies in the face of the new challenge that arises in the changing world of IoT and Industry 4.0
Thanks to our team of professionals and the knowledge in the sectors of industrial and telecommunications, we try to give the best solution to our customers approaching solutions and tools that IT companies to the processes of the industries.

Despite being a young company, the team of Muutech has professionals with proven national and international experience in IT companies, production and industry, in the management of monitoring tools and network management, for more than 10 years.

We move forward with the firm intention of helping to reduce downtime in companies, by predicting and reducing the response time to failures and total monitoring of all elements of the business service, whether computer or production.

We provide the necessary technological tools, training and engineering, offering a complete service, which avoids companies the cost of hiring specific personnel, achieving significant savings by reducing downtime in their services.


What do we do?

At Muutech we use the latest monitoring technologies and make them accessible to all types of companies, in an easy and simple way.

Our monitoring platform is focused not only on information system environments, but also on industrial and production environments. For this we use a customized monitoring system as the main tool, whose mission is the collection and visualization of data from various sources: PLCs, sensors, databases, servers, communications equipment, and so on.

The integration with this system of sensors and actuators allows the collection of data in remote places, difficult to access or that are in movement and the performance on them, in a simple way.


How do we do it?

We use the monitoring system Zabbix custom as main tool, and adding our experience we have managed to be highly competent in the monitoring of information systems and industrial; with qualified professionals for the installation, management, maintenance and customization of Zabbix.

We offer monitoring as an integral service, easy and accessible to all types of companies, offering our clients a close treatment, custom and adjusted to your needs, from the hand of the innovation and technology.

In Muutech we care about the small and medium-sized enterprises because they are the ones that make up the business structure of a country, create jobs and generate wealth. That is why we want to help them to make the leap to the digital transformation contributing to our grain of sand in the field of procurement, treatment and management of the information that adds value to their business, regardless of the type of data, company or sector.

We want to be a benchmark company in monitoring, with international presence and perceived as local on each market, in continuous growth and search for solutions even more innovative to improve the competitiveness and sustainability of our customers, offering our services: