Industrial Monitoring Experts

We help companies to understand and control their production processes and industrial machinery from a single, centralised interface

Manufacturing monitoring to improve your plant production

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360° Monitoring - Your production at a glance

Access your production data from anywhere and on any device, in real time.

Muutech’s monitoring platform helps you make the right decisions, which will allow you to reduce and eliminate line and industrial machinery stoppages and inefficiencies.

Through dynamic graphics and customized dashboards we help you to know at any time the status of your processes and machines. Prevent problems before they occur.

We integrate with your processes, machines and systems

Start collecting data from your production processes and machines within minutes, whether they are connected to the network or not, regardless of the manufacturer or location.

We collect and analyse data from:

– Wired or wireless industrial sensors
– Computers, PLCs, industrial automatons, robots, etc.
– Numerical control machines (CNC)
– Industrial communication networks (Profibus, Profinet, Ethernet, …)
– Servers and network equipment
– Databases

We integrate with existing production systems such as ERP, MES or SCADA.

Our customers already enjoy process monitoring

Monitorización en empresa del sector automoción

Industrial process monitoring in one company from the Automotive branch

Muutech's industrial process monitoring pilot project is carried out in collaboration with a supplier of high quality products in the automotive sector in the Vigo region (Spain). The objective is to provide a simple use and integration tool, which provides an overview of the status of various production processes, and helps the quality team react to drifts in the manufacturing area...

Control of production costs by monitoring electrical consumption

How much does it cost me to produce? Which of my products generates the most profit? Do my prices match my costs?

These and similar questions are asked by almost all production companies on a monthly basis, however, we would be surprised at the multitude of companies that...

Minerva is our real-time industrial monitoring platform


Supervises, controls and manages all equipment, production devices and industrial machinery.


Collects information from any information source and displays it on customized dashboards.


Alarms designed to your needs, with the only purpose of predicting incidents before they occur, and to correct them

Full visibility, automatic collection from any source

Start collecting data from your production processes and machines in minutes, whether they are connected to the network or not, regardless of the manufacturer or location.

  • IoT, low-cost and industrial sensors in plant, in warehouse, in vehicles, etc.
  • Industrial machinery, robots, PLC, CNC, etc., (modbus, OPC-UA, files, etc.)
  • Resources: use of machines, electrical consumption, compressed air / gases / liquids.
  • IT monitoring: infrastructure, VPN, applications, e-commerce
  • ERP, MES, CRM systems…
  • Data analysis and process optimization

  • Detect problems before they occur
  • Improve machine’s preventive maintenance processes
  • Customized views for maintenance, production, etc.

  • Analysis based on real information:

  • Historical data, batches, interventions
  • OEE, efficiencies, …
  • Downtimes, breakdowns, interventions, …
  • Bottlenecks
  • Breakdown and failure analysis - predictive maintenance

    The operator has a record of the incidents and gives him the possibility to include the information he needs. In addition, operators can add context and additional data thanks to the inclusion of customized forms, by department.

    Notifications and alerts

    When an alert is triggered, a text message or email is sent to the right person, via SMS, Telegram or any other channel.

  • Reduced communication time between departments.
  • Automatic alerts to maintenance in case of incidents.
  • Automatic alerts to quality
  • Industrial BI - "PowerBI" for real-time industrial data

    From the analysis of the monitored data, we will be able to draw conclusions about factors that affect the operation, correlations between input parameters and output parameters, etc.

    Advanced visualization

  • The user has the capacity to make his own dashboards with the information collected in real-time from the different sources of data.
  • Correlation of information based on timeless data series In the case of these examples, quantities produced, average machine consumption per batch of raw material.
  • Convinced? Request your customized demo!