Monitoring in Retail


Multistore, franchises, restaurants, hotels and much more

We help businesses to generate value, provide control over production costs and have everything controlled from a single, centralized interface.

Thanks to our monitoring tool based on a solid software such as Zabbix, we are able to control all your premises and points of sale in a simple way, and can replicate it whenever necessary.


Your stores and points of sale at a glance

Access your billing data, energy efficiency, sales team connectivity, from any device and from anywhere, in real time.

Muutech's monitoring platform will help you make the right decisions, so that your business does not stop due to a computer problem and seeing the state of each of your premises and points of sale in a simple way.

Compare the different points of sale in a simple way and take appropriate action based on the data by answering questions such as where and why do I sell more in one place than in another? Am I selling at with the right price? Why is electricity consumption so high in this store? Why do I have so many Internet supply cuts and I can not place orders to warehouse?

Muutech's retail monitoring solution is valid for companies with multiple stores, franchises, restaurants, hotels and so on.


Data collection in real-time

We can collect process metrics through any communication protocol:

  • Connectivity of stores through the router
  • Connectivity of cash registers and PoS
  • Safe connection via remote desktop from a click from a web browser
    • Monitoring of network infrastructure , such as APs, PCs, PDAs, UPS, servers, etc.
  • Energy efficiency and consumption (lights, air conditioning, water, ...)
  • Online shop monitoring (e-commerce)


Your online store monitored at a glance

Front office:

  • Monitoring of items added to the cart or transactions made
  • Connectivity of cash registers and PoS
  • Monitoring of the number of logins carried out
  • Web performance monitoring
  • SLA measurement of internal and external services
Back office:

  • Generation of grouped charts and dashboards (overview and detail / custom)
  • Average order value
  • Price control on the Web
  • Sales Variances
  • Integration with web analytics tools: Google Analytics, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Mailchimp


We integrate with your systems

Through our open source agent Zabbix or through an API, we collect metrics at system level, and display them through your tool's control panel.

Monitoring simplifies massively your set of tools for collecting system-level metrics in one place. Through your tool's control panel, you can view and manage charts, track system performance, and set up instant alarms.