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Muutech – Experts in monitoring

Muutech is a monitoring solution’s oriented Startup from Vigo (Galicia, Spain), focused into information systems, as well as into industrial and production environments. We use a customized Zabbix monitoring system as a main tool, whose mission is the collection and visualization of data from various sources: PLCs, sensors, databases, servers, communications equipment, etc. This tool can be complemented by a sensor and actuator ecosystem that allows its positioning in remote, difficult-access or dynamic environments.

Thanks to all this and to our experience, we are:

  • Experts in monitoring information systems and industrial environments
  • Experts in installation, management, maintenance and customize of Zabbix (http://www.zabbix.com)

And for all that we are able to offer following services:

  • Zabbix based monitoring service in your company, taking care of the whole process:
    • Study of equipment, probes, etc. to monitor
    • Design of the necessary architecture with your systems team
    • System launch in both CPD or private cloud as well as in the public cloud (Try the Zabbix-Grafana integration with our free online Demo)
    • Team training
    • Provide a maintenance and support service so that you only focus on operating and managing your systems

  • Consultancy and Zabbix support: we can help you in template generation, configuration and installation of the platform, customization, architecture design, etc. Ask us without obligation.

  • Consultancy on monitoring of information systems and industrial processes. We have experience in the industrial and technological areas, and we can help you by finding the right solution and architecture for your needs.

The best solution for your business

The Muutech monitoring solution lies in a centralized data management system with the following features:


Real-time information gathering

Customized alarm generation and notification


Single interface monitoring data management

Data correlation from different systems


Simple way information access

Simplified visualization of the data to be controlled

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