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Monitoring with Grafana

Grafana is a frontend tool for creating queries and storing dashboards. It’s completely open source, and backed by a great enthusiastic and dedicated community. Grafana can be hosted used, or can be easily integrated on any platform.

As a flexible metric editor, Grafana offers you the possibility to create generic dashboards that can quickly be changed to show statistics for a specific cluster, server or application. Fast and flexible, group, host, application or item names can be replaced with just a template variable. You can discover hundreds of dashboards and plugins in the official library.

monitoring retail dashboard
Dashboard API monitoring

Why Grafana?

Grafana supports dozens of databases, natively and can be easily mixed together in the same dashboard. It is also possible to visually define alert rules for your most important metrics. Grafana will continuously evaluate them and send notifications in different ways.

Thanks to the work of Muutech’s team, Grafana has successfully been integrated to our central monitoring tool, Zabbix.


- Select multiple items by single query
- Regex filters for items and hosts
- Dashboards and Geomaps
- Graphs and Histograms
- Dynamic time range
- Allows plugins to improve visualization
- Metric and Log visualization


- Zabbix
- Graphite
- Prometheus
- AWS CloudWatch
- Open NMS
- WorldPing
- InfluxDB
- etc.


- Visual thresholds definition
- Via Email
- Slack
- PagerDuty
- Webhook
- VictorOps
- OpsGenie

Open Source

- Windows
- Linux
- MaC
- Docker

Grafana allows the following integrations



It is a system for monitoring the capacity, performance and availability of servers, equipment, applications and databases, among others. It also offers advanced monitoring, alerting and visualization features that even some of the best commercial applications of this type do not offer.

  • Zabbix plugin allows to show different type of data from Zabbix monitoring system

  • Flexible metric editor

  • Regex-based metric filtering

  • Client-side data processing functions

  • Template variables support

  • Templated dashboards support

  • Show acknowledges for problems

  • Display Zabbix events on graphs

  • Panel for showing Zabbix triggers with customizable features

  • Group, host, application or item names can be replaced with a template variable. This allows you to create generic dashboards that can quickly be changed to show stats for a specific cluster, server or application

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