IT and Telecommunication System Monitoring


Your systems and applications, at a glance

All your IT, application and telecommunication data, from any location and device, in real time .

Muutech's monitoring platform helps you taking the right decisions. We will support you to reduce and eliminate system stoppages and inefficiencies.

Through dynamic customized dashboards we help you to know at any time the status of your information systems. Anticipate problems before they occur.


We integrate with your systems

Through our open source agent Zabbix or through an API, we collect metrics at system level, and display them through your tool's control panel .

Monitoring simplifies massively your set of tools for collecting system-level metrics in one place. Through your tool's control panel, you can view and manage charts, track system performance, and set up instant alarms.


Real-time data collection

The Muutech solution based on Zabbix adds a powerful device capable of displaying in real time different characteristics of systems, communications protocols and IT applications. Some examples of basic network element monitoring could be:

- Memory usage
- System load
- Health of the discs
- Temperature
- Network usase

To see a complete detail of all that is possible to monitor in IT infrastructure and telecommunications press the following button:


Data correlation and alert generation

Create, modify and manage intelligent alerts that facilitate the monitoring of changes in the system, from the application control panel.

Alerts and notifications will be received whenever a metric crosses the specified threshold or critical problems arise. We offer the possibility to receive instant notifications when a new alert is activated, through mail, via SMS on your mobile device, etc.