Production Process Monitoring


Muutech in Industry

We help companies to understand and control their production processes from a single centralized interface .

Thanks to our monitoring tool based on a solid software such as Zabbix, we are able to integrate and monitor any physical variable of any industrial process regardless manufacturer or model


Your production, at a glance

Access your production data in real time,anywhere and from any device.

Muutech's monitoring platform will help you make the right decisions, which will help you reduce and eliminate line breakdowns and inefficiencies.

Through dynamic graphics and customized dashboards we help you to know at any time the status of your processes and systems. Anticipate problems before they occur.


We integrate with your systems

Start collecting data from your production processes and machines within minutes, whether or not they are connected to the network, regardless of the manufacturer or location.


- Wired or wireless industrial sensors
- Computers, PLCs, robots, etc.
- CNC machines
- Industrial communication networks
- Servers and network equipment
- Databases

We integrate with your existing production systems such as your ERP, MES or SCADA.

Through our open source agent installed in your servers on your premises or in the cloud, we collect process metrics, and display them through the control panel of our tool.

We show you the information simplified, from a centralized control panel and a single interface.


Data collection in real-time

We can get machine and process metrics through any industrial communication protocol:

- Wireless: Wifi, 3G/4G, Zigbee, BLE, etc.
- Wired or data Bus: OPC-UA, MQTT, Ethernet, MODBUS, PROFIBUS, CAN-BUS, etc.

Features of our sensors and actuators make them appropriate for operating in industrial environments:

- Autonomous: Powered by batteries, solar energy, etc.
- Prepared for a hostile environment: High temperature range, industrial protection (IP)
- Actuation responses can be remotely operated
- They can be located in geographically isolated or difficult access points
- Small size and simple installation



Data collection and alert generation

Through the control panel interface of the application, smart alerts can be created, modified and managed to facilitate the monitoring on system changes.

Alerts will be received on any metrics and notifications whenever a metric crosses the specified threshold or critical issues arise. We also offer the possibility of receiving instant notifications when a new alert is activated, via email, SMS on your mobile device, etc.