Experts in Monitoring

In Muutech Monitoring Solutions offer monitoring solutions focused to IT, industrial and production environments.

Our monitoring platform is based in Zabbix, a tool which gathers and shows information originated from diverse sources.

The system complements perfectly with countless sensors and actuators that offers us the possibility of positioning even in places of very difficult access.


The best solution for your business

In Muutech Monitoring Solutions we offer professional consultancy, development, implantation and support to those companies that want to make use of the advantages of the technology.

Through a previous study we determine the feasibility and the improvement expected minimum guarantees maximum quality in our services.

Know all the possibilities we have to offer.


What do we do?

Our success is linked to yours


An alternative to the height of your business

From Muutech Monitoring Solutions we want to inject high technological value to the companies and institutions we serve, boost their growth and profitability through innovative solutions based on technology and knowledge.

It is for this reason that we strive every day to provide a comprehensive service of high quality offering customized solutions suitable to the needs of our customers.

Enthusiasm, professionalism, seriousness and dedication. The best alternative for your business.


We provide value with tools of the highest quality

In today's market there are many tools with similar characteristics that do not exploit their potential or not take out the right match.

The Muutech Monitoring Solutions team is aware of the current needs of companies and we firmly believe in the idea of providing value by taking advantage of all the resources offered by the highest quality tools.

Learn more about our two most powerful tools: Zabbix and Grafana.


Who are we?

Muutech are a team of engineers from the industrial and telecommunications sectors, who, after more than 10 years of experience in various companies, have decided to try to bring solutions and tools from IT companies to the processes of the industries.

The idea arises from the need that we see in our current companies on the lack of control over resources, productive processes and systems and the costs that this entails.

We firmly believe in our idea and the value that we can bring to the companies before the new challenge that arises in the changing world IoT and in the industry 4.0.