Server and Warehouse monitoring project in a company of the retail sector

The Project monitoring the TI infrastructure is carried out for Hogarlín S.A., a company of more than 200 workers, of the Sociedad de Inversiones Vegon S.A. Group, whose activity is based on the distribution and sale of products of Drugstore, perfume and cleaning products, both through its own network of stores (Muchas) and through franchises (Chévere) and its sales network.

The project comes before the real need of Hogarlín to control the states of their systems of orders. Due to the activity, the connectivity of their computers in the distribution warehouse central, as well as that of the more than 35 shops in the region of Galicia (Spain), has an essential role to play. Any problem with the loss of the WiFi connectivity of the warehouse equipment or from the stores to the central has an impact on the inability to carry out the product orders correctly, which generates a cost and a detriment to the company and its final customers.

Likewise, they are also interested in having the control of the key elements that maintain the stability of the infrastructure inside and outside its CPD, such as the conditioning of the same, the systems of uninterrupted power (SAI) or the solutions of Existing security and connectivity of the various telecom providers through Cisco and Huawei equipment.

Currently, are monitored around 70 hosts with a total of almost 1400 items.
Dashboard Monitoring

In addition, a MUUBOX has been integrated into the CPD that monitors the temperature and humidity of the CPD.

The integration of the entire infrastructure is performed on the version Zabbix on Cloud ( provided by Muutech. The platform offers the option to configure a control panel with the purpose of providing a quick display of the system state next to a historical analysis of all measurements. Alarms are defined with Hogarlin , with the contribution and experience of the engineers of Muutech, in a way that allows them to react to drifts in the stability, being able to obtain quickly the most relevant data for each element and to act according to Their state, anticipating problems and reducing the incidences and impact on their business.

Muubox - Muutech


The development of the Muutech platform is a tool for help and daily consultation for the computer department of the Hogarlín. Thanks to its establishment, the team of Hogarlín is now able to anticipate faults in their systems to be useful to analyze, manage and improve processes that before could not control. Examples are, identification of faults in access points that reduced the WiFi coverage or anticipation of problems arising from cuts in their ADSL lines.

In addition, thanks to the inclusion of the Muubox in the CPD of Hogarlín , with temperature and humidity sensors, are checked temperature ranges according to the recommendations of ASHRAE as the optimum point between consumption and care of equipment. This in general does not mean that systems are at risk, but it can be an energy-saving alarm.