Industrial process monitoring project in the automotive branch

The pilot project for the monitoring of industrial processes Muutech is carried out in collaboration with the WR Freiría S.L. , a company supplying high quality products from the Automotive sector of the Vigo region.

The industrial activity that develops WR Freiría S.L. is the production of leaflets and hubcaps in wood for leading OEMs such as BMW, Mercedes Benz, Volvo, Citroen, etc. and is completed with a strong team dedicated to R&D where develop products to measure and according to the specifications of their clients.

Muutech begins this project thanks to the trust and support of the directors of WR Freiría S.L., in order to provide this tool with a simple use and integration, that provides a vision of the state of its productive processes and that Help the company’s quality teams react to drifts in manufacturing processes.

In a first phase integrates the monitoring of the following processes:

  • Industrial oven
  • Industrial Freezer
  • Raw Material warehouse
  • Electrical Presses
Dashboard Monitoring

These are, among others, the main solutions of IoT that integrates the project of monitoring of Muutech:

– Easy installation of electronics and industrial sensors.
– Sending data wirelessly through industrial communication protocols.
– Definition of the degree of risk and real-time collection of physical variables of each one of The different productive processes.
– Performance and sending of automatic alarms according to the state of events predefined by the client.

Each of the integrated solutions on the platform can be analyzed individually, providing historical and real-time data from each of the areas of activity.

In addition, the platform offers the option to configure a dashboard to provide a quick visualization of the system state along with a historical analysis of all measurements. In this way you can quickly get the most relevant data for each objective and act according to your state.

Muubox - Muutech


The development of the Muutech platform implies a new system of daily management of manufacturing processes that allows its optimization and efficiency, thus facilitating the work of the quality service of the company, helping to eliminate non-conformities and their costs Associated, thus increasing competitiveness in the market of WR Freiría S.L..