National Federation of Free Software Companies (Spain)

ASOLIF is a federation of associations and companies that has the objective of to defend and promote the interests of organizations and companies that bet on free software, through the generation and/or support of projects and initiatives, Individual or collective, based on Open Source models , in order to achieve the generation of wealth responsibly.

The objective of ASOLIF is to help the generation of business opportunities for the companies and associations that make it up, betting on a sustainable model and future. To do this, ASOLIF placed in the hands of their partners a comprehensive catalog of services geared to that purpose.


Galician ICT Cluster

The Galician ICT Cluster, know as Cluster TIC Galicia, is a private non-profit business association led by Industry and founded in 2008 to bring together companies, business associations, professional associations and other stakeholders from the Galician ICT sector. It is active in the whole value chain of the ICT macro sector and works closely with the Galician Universities and Research Centres.

Fully committed with the Galician society since its founding, the Cluster is focused on promoting collaboration between companies, taking advantage of the driving force of the largest and of the agility and innovation capability of the SMEs in order to foster changes in the production model, working towards an economy based on innovation and productivity.



We work together to generate business FROM OPEN SOURCE SOFTWARE solutions.

Agasol is an initiative of Galician free software companies that are grouped together in an association to try to achieve greater business opportunities, to exercise as interlocutors of an expansive phase sector in Galicia and, at the same time, to promote a model of Knowledge society in which it is key to the freedom to improve the software and make public and accessible those progress.

Agasol Objectives:
- Promotion: to promote Open Source Software as a valid tool to develop the information society in Galicia.
- Dialog: Serve as an interlocutor of the Galician Public Administration to support and advise in the migration process and implementation of Open Source Software and Open Standards.
- Collaboration: Promote and organize collaboration among its partners, so that they can be facilitated and generated new business opportunities.