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Muutech's license based system allows three different types of licences regarding the monitoring service and coverage desired by the customer

* This number is given by the sum of items to be monitored, taking into account that each host is counted as four elements corresponding to the inventory and the monitoring of its connectivity.

  • System Elements
  • Maintenance
  • Server Setup
System Elements

Muutech monitoring systems consist on the following elements:

  • Hosts: each of the machines, logical equipment or Endpoints to be monitored. For each host the following functionalities are included:
    • Inventory: you can manually or automatically enter, when possible, information of the host such as the name of the machine, its location, serial number, etc.

    • Monitoring connectivity: for each host it is determined if it is correctly responding to ICMP Ping requests.

  • Items: different items to monitor (temperature, disk space, CPU load, etc.) can be defined within each host. For those items their value is collected and stored in the data history for a defined time.

  • Alarms: for each value of items, combination of these or their data histories, different types of alarms or events can be defined with the corresponding notification or automated action if desired.

Server Setup

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