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Production Process Monitoring - Muutech in the Industry 4.0

We help companies to understand and bring into control their manufacturing processes. With the help of our tool, based on solid software like Zabbix, we are able to integrate and monitor any physical variable of any industrial process.


Integration with your systems

With our network and production monitoring solution, you can start collecting data in minutes from your productive processes and connected or non-networked machines. Through our open source agent installed on your servers or in the cloud, we collect system-level metrics, and show them through the control panel of our tool.


Through a centralized control panel and a single interface, the data information is displayed in a simplified way

Real-time information collection

Muutech's Temperature & Humidity Sensor


  • Wired or wireless industrial sensors
  • Computers, PLCs, robots, etc.
  • Industrial communication networks
  • Servers and network equipment
  • Databases


Sensors and actuators have currently the following features, which make them appropriate for operating in industrial environments:


  • Wireless: Wifi, 3G/4G, Zigbee, BLE
  • Wiring: Ethernet, MODBUS
  • Autonomous: Powered by batteries, solar energy, etc.
  • Prepared for a hostile environment: High temperature range, industrial protection (IP)
  • Actuation responses can be remotely operated
  • They can be located in geographically isolated or difficult access points
  • Small size and simple installation

We have sensors and actuators suppliers that allow easily integration with the tool. We also design specific sensor solutions according to customer needs.

Real-time Dashboards

Through dynamic graphics and customizable dashboards, we help you to know the state of your processes and systems at every time. Anticipate problems before they occur.


The panels give factory workers the information they need in real time to make decisions faster. Metrics can be showed on televisions or screens in the production area, line or specific manufacturing machines. Operators could visualize the metrics on a tablet, what allows them to add a human variable to the machine data.

Data collection and alert generation

Through the control panel interface of the application, smart alerts can be created, modified and managed to facilitate the monitoring on system changes. Alerts will be received on any metrics and notifications whenever a metric crosses the specified threshold or critical issues arise. We also offer the possibility of receiving instant notifications when a new alert is activated, via email, SMS on your mobile device, etc.

Remote monitoring

You can view your pet at home with a webcam and have access to all your banking information from your mobile phone.  However, factory managers rarely have access to their production data on the go.


Muutech’s application allows you to easily access your data from anywhere with a secure connection from your mobile phone or PC. Imagine walking into your factory already knowing that the previous shift was late because there was a line stop due to an oven breakdown. Your workers will be armed with the information they need to solve problems faster and identify opportunities for process improvements.

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