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Industry 4.0


The term Industry 4.0 was given by the German government to describe the intelligent factory, a vision of computerized manufacturing with all processes interconnected by Internet of Things (IOT). This is what we know as the industrial internet of things, I2OT. It is expected that the new concept of Industry 4.0 will be able to drive fundamental changes at the same level as the first industrial steam revolution, mass production of the second, and the proliferation of electronics and information technology that characterized the third.


The term Industry 4.0 entails many meanings, but the first advances in this area have implied the inclusion of greater flexibility and individualization of the manufacturing processes. It is expected that along with electronics manufacturers, the food and beverage industry will be pioneering the adoption of flexible and individualized manufacturing processes. Another area where which is most likely to find a quick acceptance of this approach is the automotive industry where manufacturers tailor their cars to the needs of individual customers.


But with industrial automation systems increasingly integrating sensors and wireless communications capabilities, factories must gain in ability to gather sufficient data and interoperability between their processes. Although the penetration of wireless networks is currently very low, adoption will see a strong increase in the coming years.


And it is here where the development of powerful solutions in the analysis of large amounts of data and the management of this knowledge is becoming a determining factor in organizations. Companies must implement Big Data systems capable of outputting large amounts of data from the manufacturing environment. Companies, in recent years, have gradually been adding communications and data collection technology to their processes. And it is time to analyse them.

Muutech in the Industry 4.0

With the help of our tool, based on solid software like Zabbix, we are able to integrate and monitor any physical variable of any industrial process.

Our field of action and knowledge is not only limited to the field of information technology but also we have suppliers of sensors and actuators that can be easily integrated with the tool. We can also design specific sensor solutions as requested.

Thanks to this ecosystem with sensors and integrated actuators, we can control in real time any wanted parameter of the production process and act accordingly.

The sensors and actuators have currently the following features, which make them appropriate for operating in industrial environments:

Wireless: Wifi, 3G/4G, Zigbee, BLE

Wiring: Ethernet, MODBUS

Autonomous: Powered by batteries, solar energy, etc.

 Prepared for a hostile environment: High temperature range, industrial protection (IP)

 Actuation responses can be remotely operated

They can be located in geographically isolated or difficult access points

Small size and simple installation

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