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Services and Information Systems monitoring


The Muutech solution based on Zabbix adds a powerful device capable of displaying in real time different characteristics on Windows and Linux based systems.

Memory usage

System load

Health of the discs


 Network usase

 Pattern search in logs, etc.

 Databases: MySQL, PostgreSQL, etc.

 Servers: Web (Apache, NGINX, etc.), SMTP, etc.

 Services and Websites: access time, authentication, etc

Zabbix screen

We can also monitor telecommunications equipment such as switches, routers, access points, etc. allowing additionally to the monitoring of the systems, the use of historical data to anticipate needs of capacity increase, etc.


Everything under a comfortable template based system that easily allows elements replication. In addition, it is also possible to monitor old equipment and systems as well as custom designed systems, since we can design scripts able to access any network protocol to these environments.


Any element of your systems within Zabbix scope through Muutech!