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Systems Monitoring - Hosting Services

In Muutech we are specialists in monitoring, we offer and integrate this service with the internal platform your hosting company uses, allowing you to offer this service as an added value to your customers. Let your customers manage and configure it, without impacting your infrastructure management and without incurring into large additional costs.

We integrate with your systems

Through our Zabbix open source agent or through an API, we collect metrics at system level, and show them through the control panel of your tool. Supervision simplifies the set of tools to collect system-level metrics in one place. Thanks to this, your customers will be able to view and manage graphs, monitor system performance and configure alerts instantly, through the control panel of your tool.

Real-Time summary Dashboards

We allow real-time monitoring of the following metrics:
  • CPU Usage - Percentage of total processing power in use
  • Disk Usage - Percentage of the in-use VPS disk space
  • Disk I / O - Disk read and write operations in megabytes per second
  • Bandwidth - Use of public bandwidth in megabits per second
  • RAM and SWAP Usage - Percentage of memory in use
  • Response Time - Ping
  • Connectivity - Ping
  • ...

Quicky alert set up for your peace of mind

Through the control panel interface of your application, your customers will be able to create, modify and manage alerts, that facilitate the monitoring of system changes. Your customer will receive alerts on any metrics and notifications whenever a metric crosses the specified threshold or critical infrastructure issues arise.

Receiving alert notifications through your preferred service

We offer the possibility to your customer to receive instant notifications when a new alert is activated, via E-mail, SMS on your mobile device, etc.