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How can a monitoring system help me?

Process and manufacturing monitoring performed from different points but managed by a centralized tool, enormously facilitates troubleshooting, bottlenecks and weaknesses of the system, and helps to improve factories' processes and systems' operation.

Thanks to the monitoring we can:

  • Anticipate problems before they occur.
  • Know the causes of the interruption or drift in the process or system (root cause detection of the incidents).
  • Lead decision making without impacting the production.
  • Analyze the logs and events in order to propose changes in the configurations that influence the performance of the systems.
  • Reduce costs. Knowing our real need will provide us decision power when investing or not in more infrastructure elements. Thanks to this we will be able to take advantage of our infrastructure and resources, reducing costs, in both platform and human resources.

The system is able to raise complex alarms and warnings correlated from different sources, as well as acting on the systems, in order to correct or mitigate the problems in an automatized way. Besides, having reliable historical data available at every time, provides a powerful tool for internal and external audits, problem detection and prevention and for the continuous improvement of the companies.

How much does it cost to start running the Muutech monitoring system?

Muutech's license based system allows three different types of licences regarding the monitoring service and coverage desired by the customer.

Server setup: The main registration and display server will be installed on a server in the Muutech cloud, being only necessary to install a virtual server in the client that will act as a proxy, or a physical mini-server provided by Muutech. This mini-server includes basic temperature and humidity sensors for the client's CPD. These "proxys" will need to have connectivity to the server in the Muutech cloud, as well as to all the "hosts" that monitor, being able to install several if necessary.

In this service there are several options for managing the maximum time of storage of the data history:

 Data storage Price / item / month
2 Months 0.0178€
6 Months
1 Year 0.0289€
5 Years 0.0820€
10 Years 0.1484€
 >10 Years (unlimited) 0.2812€

If you are interested in an on-premise sollution, please contact us

 What elements does the monitoring system consist of?

Muutech monitoring systems consist on the following elements:

  • Hosts: each of the machines, logical equipment or Endpoints to be monitored. For each host the following functionalities are included:
    • Inventory: you can manually or automatically enter, when possible, information of the host such as the name of the machine, its location, serial number, etc.

    • Monitoring connectivity: for each host it is determined if it is correctly responding to ICMP Ping requests.

  • Items: different items to monitor (temperature, disk space, CPU load, etc.) can be defined within each host. For those items their value is collected and stored in the data history for a defined time.

  • Alarms: for each value of items, combination of these or their data histories, different types of alarms or events can be defined with the corresponding notification or automated action if desired.

 What kind of maintenance does Muutech monitoring system include?

Muutech's maintenance services includes:

  • Software Updates (up to 1 year with the on-premise option)
  • Alarms, screens, etc. configuration depending on the service adquired
  • Remote diagnosis
  • Bug coverage
  • Resolution of doubts
  • In case of using a proxy product for the Cloud option, the service will cover the cost of equipment replacement and configuration in case of failure
  • Proactive maintenance of the monitoring system
  • Configuration (register, cancel, modification) of new items, as long as they are easy to implement or are common items of products on the market. In case there would be something of great complexity or very specific, it would be budgeted separately

Muutech's maintenance services does not include:

  • New funcionalities development or complex customizations not supported by the system.
  • Any maintenance of hardware not belonging to Muutech
  • Any maintenance of hardware belonging to Muutech after the warranty period of 1 year
  • Travels: In case of need, travels will be billed separately. Whenever possible, modifications will be made remotely or through a contact person in the client who acts as "remote hands"
  • Support for sensors, actuators or equipment is not provided by Muutech. The hours and resources used for the resolution of any breakdown or incident whose cause is a malfunction or configuration of equipment not provided by Muutech will be billed separately
  • Alarm notifications via SMS and / or calls: price for notifications and destination to be asked