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By: Webmaster | August 20, 2018

Every day Android devices are more widely used in the enterprise environment as a working tool, beyond its use as mobile phone. Every time is less unusual to find in factories and offices tablets, mobile phones and even televisions (and in the medium term, PCs) for applications that did not exist before or for those reserved to other types of devices specially built for them: barcode readers for logistics, screens in industrial operator positions, access systems, etc.

Thus, the need of monitoring Android devices in corporate environments has been growing consequently. In Muutech we believe that these devices are a key element to monitor because for a lot of IT managers the management of this equipment can be a nightmare, since its hardware a...

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By: Webmaster | April 10, 2018

The new Zabbix version, which is expected to come out before the end of June, still in alpha state (do not use it in production!), apart from solving a lot of bugs and including some accesibility improvements it has some new interesting features. In this article we will point out some of them.

Force item check or the execution of a discovery rule

This feature seems to save us a lot of time preparing templates and testing new devices, as it enables the option to do not have to wait for the update interval of each item. BUT, be careful, since the configuration cache is still present, if we have changed anything in the item configuration, even if we press "Check now", configuration may not be update in the server until up to a minute h...

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By: Webmaster | August 26, 2017

From a few days ago, we have already available for download the awaited new version of Zabbix, the 3.4. You can check here in details all the new features. In this post, we'll try to focus on what it was, maybe, one of the most awaited features, the posibility to design customized dashboards in a more flexible manner than in previous versions.

In fact, until now, if you wanted to build more complex dashboards, you necessarily have to design Zabbix "screens" with the elements you needed and there was some useful elements you could not use like "Problems". We understand in fact that the use of Zabbix "Screens" will be more focused as templates to monitor for instance, several data from a type of server and "...

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By: Webmaster | June 15, 2017

We live in the age of digitization, where ever more weight is given to knowledge, information quality and responsiveness. In this constellation, monitoring plays a fundamental role in people’s lifestyle and daily businesses.

More and more, customers from hosting services (from classic Web hosting services to VPS servers) demand to their service provider the ability to monitor their status in any way. In this sense, response time, CPU consumption, RAM usage, disk space, etc., take on a greater importance and respond to a real need of the customer, and additionally it adds value to the product.

As company example, the well-known cloud service provider DigitalOcean, which has integrated a monitoring service directly into each of its virtual se...

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By: Webmaster | April 30, 2017

Today it is very important that the applications that we put into operation in our companies are not isolated silos, limiting our productivity, efficiency and traceability and, in the case of monitoring, preventing event correlation.

Zabbix is already used to combine different metrics, sensors, database information, etc. from different sources, including cloud monitoring systems such as AWS CloudWatch, application performance such as AppDynamics or monitoring logs such as Logstash.

This is one of our strengths and advantages with our customers, and we are very satisfied with what we can do with it. But many times, even if Zabbix comes to fill a gap in our customers' monitoring systems, they already have some other DevOps tools for they daily ...