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By: Webmaster | October 08, 2017

How much does one minute of your production cost?

This same question has been asked by many people and companies across the globe. According to a study in the US, the cost of production stops varies depending on the company, but could reach, for example, around $22,000 per minute in companies in the automotive sector. Moreover, a similar study focused on data centre shutdown times averaged $8,000 per minute. Today, a drop in the data centre of a company can probably force to stop all or part of the chain of production, reaching high amounts in losses of income. This gives us an idea of the weight and impact that IT technologies currently have on the network of industrial companies.

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By: Webmaster | September 03, 2017

Unplanned work stoppages cost global industries millions of dollars in lost revenue. Downtime can be caused for multiple reasons. Examples can be weather delays in airline companies or cyber crime which lead to infrastructure breakdowns.


Susceptibility to failure persists, particularly as it relates to factories. According to some research information, more than 90% of machines in factories globally are not network-connected, and the vast majority are more than 15-years-old. 


The graphic below shows how much money is lost in a few major industries for just one minute of downtime: