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By: Webmaster | September 25, 2018

Past 20th, 21st and 22nd September was held in the city of Pontevedra (Spain) the PontUpStore, an initiative to support entrepreneurship, with the aim of encouraging and increasing the entrepreneurial culture in the galician society.

The event brings together both entrepreneurs and professionals, investors, students and companies that support innovation, collaboration and creative entrepreneurship.


The PontUpStore consists mainly of 3 types of participation:

  • Stands: A dedicated space will be made available to the selected entrepreneurs for free to publicize their project and / or sell their product or service. In addition, activities can be carried out within it, independently of the PontUpStore’s program.

  • Demonstration activities: Where entrepreneurs can make their project and / or product known from a more dynamic point of view and interacting more actively with the attending public.

  • Puntazo Express: It consists of a 5 min pitch on your venture, idea or initiative. This modality, promoted by the Department of Economic Promotion and Tourism of the Municipality of Pontevedra, aims to facilitate the approach and dialogue between entrepreneurs and representatives of already established Galician entities, with a dynamic and agile format.

Muutech in the Puntazo Express

This year Muutech has participated in the Puntazo Express, explaining our monitoring project to the committee of "listeners" composed of four people. As a novelty this year, the presentation was public and at the end of the presentation there were 2 minutes of reply by the people who make up the committee.

The presentation of the project and monitoring platform of Muutech aroused considerable interest among some of the committee members and we believe that it has been very well received and understood, and we have been able to convey the benefits that a monitoring system can offer today Galician companies.

Real-time data control, anticipating the problems in a predictive manner, collecting data from multiple sources and locations and combining them from a unified central platform, give the project a very high potential when it comes to implementing to Galician and Spain companies.

To see some of the advantages that monitoring can bring to SMEs, we leave a link to the blog article of PontUpStore that we did for such event. Also, you can see the interview we made with them.

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