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By: Webmaster | October 01, 2018

Which activities consume more energy in my production process? How can I detect an excess of consumption?

Energy consumption is the third main factor of expenditure in companies behind HR and the cost of raw materials. In 2015, the main energy product used in the industry was electricity, with 56.4% of the sector's total consumption, according to the National Institute of Statistics. This constant rise in electricity consumption added to the increase in the price of kWh makes the study of energy consumption an essential component of the analysis of industrial production processes. The knowledge, in real time, of the magnitude of the electrical consumption is a key aspect for the improvement of the efficiency of the productive processes of the company, as well as to realize a demand of adequate energy to our needs. Reducing in this way the electricity consumption expense.

At Muutech we have integrated a solution for monitoring and analyzing the electricity network to our platform. This solution collects information from three-phase network analyzers through the Modbus-RTU protocol. This integration allows us to obtain consumption data of the different electric phases.

Zabbix and Circutor

The Zabbix monitoring platform and Circutor's three-phase network analyzer form a perfect match for the real-time viewing of the data of our three-phase network.

On this occasion we decided to opt for the CVM-NET-MC electrical network analyzer, this device measures and calculates the main electrical parameters in three-phase industrial networks. To perform this measurement in the different voltage lines we chose 3 transformed MC1-20

Circutor CVM-NET-MC
Circutor MC1-20

The data read by our Circutor is sent through the Modbus-RTU protocol to a coordinator, a modular PC designed for an industrial environment.

Our Zabbix agent installed in the coordinator is responsible for collecting and uploading data to our server where the client can visually see a series of parameters of the three-phase line in which the system has been installed. 


Thus, we can monitor, among others:

  • Currents

  • Voltages

  • Harmonic distortion

  • Energy consumed

  • Máximum demand

  • Power factor

In this simple way the user has the knowledge of the consumption of their production process, and can even generate security alerts (sent via SMS, email ...) in case a certain data exceeds the value specified by the client.

Control an reduction the cost of your invoice, in your hand

Thanks to our experience in this field, in Muutech we provide you the tool that allows you and your company to maintain a real-time control over energy consumption in your machines and production processes, saving a good part of the electric bill at the end of the month.

Keeping an exhaustive control over consumption in electrical installations allows us the possibility of detecting malfunctions and offering adequate corrective solutions to reduce these inefficiencies.

In general, Muutech's job is to centrally simplify the monitoring of electrical installations, information systems or production lines.

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