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By: Webmaster | October 28, 2018

One of the main referred IoT (Internet of Things) challenges in the industrial data ingestion which solutions seemed yesterday to be Big Data and today the “Edge” pre-processing. One of the greatest problems that companies are currently facing while deploying IoT devices is their management.

Why? Nowadays each manufacturer uses their own management software, their “ecosystem”. Only trough this software is possible to maintain and monitor all the devices: software/firmware updates, remote configuration, etc. The key is to use device which implement standard protocols or tools like Muutech platform providing the ability to interact with the management platform of other providers, being able to keep using the same non-standard IoT devices of ...

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By: Webmaster | September 25, 2018

Past 20th, 21st and 22nd September was held in the city of Pontevedra (Spain) the PontUpStore, an initiative to support entrepreneurship, with the aim of encouraging and increasing the entrepreneurial culture in the galician society.

The event brings together both entrepreneurs and professionals, investors, students and companies that support innovation, collaboration and creative entrepreneurship.


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By: Webmaster | September 13, 2018

The air, an expensive good

Even though the air can be found around us without any problem and completely free of charge, its use in the industry is a problem, if we talk about energy. From a simple tool running on air, to the most complex machine. A large number of devices, surround the industry with their air-filled pipes.

According to a recent study by the U.S. Department of Energy, in a typical industrial facility, approximately 10% of the electricity consumed is consumed for the generation of compressed air, and may even exceed 30%.

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By: Webmaster | August 27, 2018

Have you left this year on vacation, with the certainty that you were going to have to solve some problem? Have you already come back and everything was a mess?

Internet never sleeps, and the services it provides either. Servers need to be always active and up, Apps running, and everything greased like a fantastic Swiss watch. In the manufacturing companies, another of the same. Unwanted production breakdowns, quality problems and unplanned machine interventions, make receiving more than one uncomfortable call while you try to relax taking a caipirinha ...

Unfortunately, the reality tells us that these examples are our daily business, and this means that the holiday period for many people in the field of production and IT is more a stressfu...

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By: Webmaster | August 20, 2018

Every day Android devices are more widely used in the enterprise environment as a working tool, beyond its use as mobile phone. Every time is less unusual to find in factories and offices tablets, mobile phones and even televisions (and in the medium term, PCs) for applications that did not exist before or for those reserved to other types of devices specially built for them: barcode readers for logistics, screens in industrial operator positions, access systems, etc.

Thus, the need of monitoring Android devices in corporate environments has been growing consequently. In Muutech we believe that these devices are a key element to monitor because for a lot of IT managers the management of this equipment can be a nightmare, since its hardware a...

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