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By: Webmaster | July 30, 2018

The road to industry 4.0

The existence of 4 industrial revolutions is widely accepted. Each of these revolutions is determined by inventions and novelties that after being introduced in the factories, they greatly improved the production efficiency.

The 4 industrial revolutions and the main changes in the industry:

  • 1st Industrial Revolution (1784) – Mechanization: steam machine, water power and mechanization.
  • 2nd Industrial Revolution (1870) – Electricity: mass production, assembly line and electricity.
  • 3rd Industrial Revolution (1969) – Computing: Automation, technologies of the information and communication (TIC)
  • 4th Industrial Revolution (today) – Digitalization: Internet of things, clouding, digital coordination, cyber physical systems and r...

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By: Webmaster | April 21, 2018

Spanish industrial companies are clearly behind those of the rest of the world in terms of digitalization, as revealed by the report "Industry 4.0", prepared by the consultancy PwC from interviews with 2,000 managers of companies in the sector in 26 countries -45 of them Spanish ones-. If at a global level the companies of the industrial sector have gone from words to action, in our country we are still not in this scenario.

The report concludes that only 8% of Spanish industrial companies - auto, aerospace, electronics, chemicals, paper, metallurgical, construction and transport and logistics - are at an advanced level of digitization, 25 points below the global average, which stands at 33%.

Spanish industrial companies are behind...

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By: Webmaster | October 15, 2017

Spain, a country of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises

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By: Webmaster | October 08, 2017

How much does one minute of your production cost?

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By: Webmaster | September 18, 2017

Business Challenge

Traditional vending machine owners face several problems: considerable expenses and inconveniences in their efforts to maintain, repair and upgrade vending machines without a centralized administration system to perform these functions. Maintenance and support costs are high because on-site visits are usually needed in order to check the machine status, solve troubleshoots, perform software upgrades, and complete repairs. Moreover, revenue is lost whenever a vending machine is out of order, a situation made worse when it takes days to discover and fix the problem. Another concern is being able to attract and engage new customers attending to the changing world, as well as younger customers accustomed to an always-connected...

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